2021 Shareholder Event

19/07/2021 at 2:00 PM BST

To ensure that all shareholders have the opportunity to engage with the Board before submitting their proxy votes, there will be a live online shareholder engagement event on Monday, 19 July 2021 at 14:00 (BST) (the ‘Shareholder Event’). The Chair will look forward to introducing herself to you at that event and, together with the Group Chief Executive Officer, the Group Chief Financial Officer and the chairs of the Audit and Risk, Nomination, Remuneration and Clinical Performance and Sustainability committees, responding to your questions about the Company or the resolutions being proposed at the AGM.



You can register for the Shareholder Event by emailing the Company Secretary at mediclinicinternational@linkgroup.co.uk. We will then verify you are registered in the register of members of the Company before providing full details of how to join. Only verified shareholders and Nominated Persons will be allowed to access the event.


Further details on how to join the Shareholder Event are set out on page 28 of the 2021 Notice of Annual General Meeting. Shareholders are also able to submit questions in writing in advance of the Shareholder Event by sending an email to the Company Secretary at MediclinicInternational@linkgroup.co.uk and these will be answered during the event. We will endeavour to publish and maintain an appropriate summary of responses to questions raised on the ‘2021 AGM’ event page in the ‘Investor Relations’ section of the Group website at investor.mediclinic.com/events/event-details/2021-agm before the Shareholder Event.

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